Points of Interest

Here are some Points of Interest in the City of Washington.

Bradford House The Bradford House

The home of David Bradford, leader of the Whiskey Insurrection in 1794, is located at 173 S. Main St. The house was completed in 1788, and was then said to be the finest house west of the Allegheny Mountains. Part of the inside woodwork was brought from England, and the stairway is said to have cost a guinea a step, which was a fabulous price in those days. A sister of Bradford’s was married to Jefferson Davis, and Mrs. Rebecca Harding Davis, author, and mother of Richard Harding Davis, author, was born in this house on June 24, 1831. The Bradford House has been restored and was opened to the public on September 18,1965.  For more information about the Bradford House, please visit their web site at: www.bradfordhouse.org

LeMoyne House The LeMoyne House

Pennsylvania’s First National Historic Landmark of the Underground Railroad!

Dr. Francis Julius LeMoyne, whose home was at 49 E. Maiden St., was born in Washington in 1798, and died in 1879. He was Washington’s outstanding citizen during his time, and left enduring marks upon the history of his country. He was a prominent and active advocate of the abolition of slavery and the Abolition Party’s Candidate for governor in 1841,1844 and 1847. For more information about the LeMoyne House, please visit their web site at: www.wchspa.org/html/house.htm

Old Main, Washington and Jefferson College Washington & Jefferson College 

Its classes started in 1781. It is the oldest college west of the Alleghenies. Only a scant dozen colleges and universities in America are older. The Administration Building, built in 1793, is the eighth oldest college structure still in use in the U.S. The college campus contains twenty-two acres in addition to which there is an athletic field of seven acres. An extensive expansion program was completed in 1974. Washington and Jefferson College became co-educational in September 1970. Current enrollment is 1,200 men and women.  For more information about W&J College, please visit their web site at:  www.washjeff.edu

Washington County Courthouse Washington County Courthouse

The present Courthouse is the fourth erected since Washington County was created by an Act of the Legislature in 1781, but it is really the fifth in the history of the county, for the first was erected in 1776 at Old Augusta Town on what is now the Gabby Farm. The present Courthouse was completed in 1900.

For more information visit the County Web Site at: www.co.washington.pa.us