Mayor & Council

Mayor — Scott Putnam  (D-2019)
Department of Public Affairs | Phone: 724-223-1380
[email protected]

Councilman — Matthew D. Staniszewski (R-2017)
Department of Parks and Public Buildings | Phone: 724-228-2812
[email protected]

Councilman — Kenneth Westcott   (D-2019)
Department of Public Works | Phone: 724-223-4207
[email protected]

Councilman — Joe Manning  (D-2021)
Department of Accounts and Finance | Phone: 724-223-4204
[email protected]com

Councilwoman — Monda Williams  (D-2019)
Department of Public Safety | Phone: 724-225-2785
councilwoman.[email protected]

Council meetings are located at City Hall

(check the calendar of events for dates & times)